Publicerades den 25 apr 2021
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)


  • 8:56 ha ha ha ha ha-inclusive AHHAHSGS

  • JJ never seems to care, Why do they bother to bring him?


  • Josh and Ethan would’ve won ngl 🤣

  • Wait but how was it 3 months ago

  • This is hilarious

  • bro jj's reaction to the scare's and other action is outrageously funny....

  • I feel like ethan wanted someone to hide with him because he was scared 😂

  • Ethans face at 12:10 lmao

  • london dunguon??

  • among us part 3 ?????

  • 14:35 vik is so lucky

  • The madly booklet echographically confuse because gauge generally crash beside a mammoth basket. pointless, sweltering shovel

  • istg the pub part w ethan and josh had me levitating

  • The thumbnail is the prison hide and seek but green?????? LMAOOO

  • JJ being spooked is the funniest thing

  • Yeee

  • 10:56 👁👄👁

  • Sidemen rule

  • why is it that KSI always looks dead inside like 24/7

  • 9:57 jj realizes i am supposed to be the master i cant be afraid myself

  • I swear JJ thought Ethan and josh were actors for a while

  • can't wait to see this in the MoreSidemen tier in the end of year sidemen sunday tier list video

  • When i saw the intro I instantly thought: London dungeon

  • \--•»«„”“`

  • Lol JJ fits his part perfectly 1:40

  • Count Blackula wtf 😂😂

  • Lol

  • 13:10

  • 14:36

  • JJ being passive aggressive to the actors is pretty great

  • Tobi got suffocated Harry,simon,vik * trying their best to hide Blackula and his captured man doing party at pub. 🤣

  • Video failed successfully worst/funniest hidenseek vid

  • I love how the actor saved vik when jj was about to poke him!

  • 15:10 idk why I thought that was cute

  • Props to KSI for having inclusive slavery🙏

  • Everybody gets scared but in

  • That's gotta be the most sus face ksi did on the thumbnail

  • The ultimate hiding spot

  • Phil should be the seeker for once in a hide and seek video it would be sick

  • Vikk always bring that dramatic horror uff moment lmao

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  • Jesus loves yall

  • Josh is so underated xD

  • 18:34 NWORD !!!!

  • maybe jj can teleport ethans dad

  • the teacher: where's the homework? me: 4:17

  • This was such a funny video

  • Josh right under a noose, “That’s the exit bro”.

  • 28:59 Harry yelling 'PUMPKIN' randomly in a bag of pumpkins had me rollin 😂😂😭

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  • Fauck ooof

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  • 9:10 i like yu gi oh man, especially duel monster

  • I'm a funky

  • What is this?........ Its a fuck1ng drink

  • Ksi sounds so scary

  • When im bored I just watch random sidemen sundays that ive seen because there is nothing else out untill the next sunday

  • YO I DIED WHEN JJ SAID “I used to uhh..enslave men and women…and nonbinary. Inclusive😉”

  • Ethan and josh distracted him so much 😂

  • At 10:59 JJ regretted being the seeker

  • Didn’t know KSI was one of them

  • If u live in the uk and a show comes out in America on HBO and the uk has to wait longer then can u use the VPN to use HBO In uk ?

  • 36:15

  • 25:47

  • 3:20

  • 17:01 that’s a bit sus

  • One of the Actors low-key saved Vic tho

  • Iksi

  • Ooo

  • Josh and Ethan made this video so entertaining

  • Finally, the first hide and seek that KSI isn’t found first

  • Count Blackula, I started dying after he said that.

  • Josh and Ethan actually killed me😂😂😂

  • JJ, Josh and Ethan definitely had the best moments in this video 😂😂😂

    • Hey I have been feeling really blessed

  • Josh and Ethan were too funny😂

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  • its tobi sayin wallahi for me

  • Ksi becomes the b tech number taker from number jacks

  • 6:16 tobi looking like sheck wes in the mo bamba video

  • JJ looks like he's about to run it down mid and gank Ahri with his ult

  • ‘Black the Ripper’

  • 26:25 Perfect transition holy

  • KSI hit me up with your drug dealer

  • jj: is that the best youve got sound system : gives a scream jj: ok

  • "Get outta my pub!" xD

  • 35:00

  • JJ is the funniest seeker of all

  • Bread approves

  • 19:50 that part is so funny to me for some reason

  • i’m dying from laughter from the jj ethan and josh bit 😭😭😭

  • Harry was so scared

  • 27:45 how did Logan loose to that man. How.

  • “Ha….why did I say 5 minutes”😂

  • Have a great day God love y’all

  • They should be in the victorious times city for another challenge

  • 26:30

  • 12:10.

  • 26:30 joshs humor is so underrated