Publicerades den 18 jul 2021
The least expected most ambitious SElists cross over event the world has ever seen.
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)


  • Thanks

  • Ksi hopefully I catch my fish AND TAKE THEM HOME

  • Fair play to him

  • 24:03

  • Vik is so funny when he’s drunk

  • The collab no one expected

  • ksi is better then logan paul

  • Logan paul a loser 🤣😂 let's go , but ksi is the legend

  • Do hide and seek in japan forest

  • george so annoyign

  • This felt like Surf's Up the movie

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  • Poor Pedro was caught twice 🤣🤣

  • why ¨man have helmet on his head

  • ok but whys the cameraman wearing a helmet

  • 31:53 best part of the vid

  • Is it just me or the girl in yellow teleported from ksi's boat to logan

  • Throwing real crabs? 😒

  • They caught Pedro twice??😂

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  • "never thought I'd get big enough to collab with the SIDEcHiCkS" LMAO

  • This made me like Logan Paul

  • *why do they have hank from breaking bad on their boat lmao*

  • Why

  • “That’s dinner!”-KSI

  • As a fishermen this vid hurt

  • Simon pants was wet while this video was in production and it wasn't pee or water

  • best comeback in the history of fishing.

  • "sidechicks" was the highlight of this video

  • How is no one talking about how they scared jj that shii was funny 😂

  • redfdd

  • Nice to see them together with no beef

  • This has to be the one of the best SElists collab to ever exist.

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  • 8 ROUNDS WITH Mayweather bc he didn't want to ko logan he wanted to get the money lol :)))

  • 18:07 they paid the fish to get on the rod over and over again😂

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  • So cooool

  • 7:33

  • God loves ya

  • I like ksi and Logan but I hate Jake

  • the american accent kills me

  • "thats a shawk not a shark" 12:30

  • 26:47 Tobi: "They caught a condom bruvv" Im wheeezing😂😂😂😂

    • @Hady Oh, made a mistake 😂

    • Tobi*

  • W video

  • Y is american humor so fricking dry I just cringe

  • The sidemen has to learn how to fish bruh

  • "They're buying these fish" "Please be living" Hahahhaahhaah xD

  • They definitely caught the same fish severely times

  • why tf is there a cameraman wearing a bike helmet

    • Ksi K For Kryptonite S For Sleeper I For Idiot I love how they both put their differences aside this was wholesome

  • KSI LOGAN DRAW 2 1 1

  • JJ is that type of guy who superthanks' himself

  • simon: it isn't called a ray fish me: a shark is called a shark fish but u counted those (this is just a joke)

  • george is so unfunny

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  • We ain't gonna talk about the camera man wearing a bike helmet?

  • The poor guides…

  • This was boring

  • Y’all don’t posted videos y’all post movies

  • 35:41 lol

  • 7:33

  • Imagine being paid to do this

  • .,.

  • george was funny asf too

  • Ksi K For Kryptonite S For Sleeper I For Idiot I love how they both put their differences aside this was wholesome

  • the more i see logan, the more it makes me hate jake, logan is turning into an actual person, jake is... jake

  • Shosheesh

  • “just drinking some… WATER”

  • Why tf is the camera man wearing a helmet 😭

  • loved this collab and tho I'm a ksi fan I felt bad for Logan, I think he should've won atleast this lmao XD

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  • 18:05 they are catching the same fish 😂😂

  • 😂😂

  • why is no one talking about JJ scaring Kirsty with fish bait 😂 37:12

  • 1 HOUR and all they caught was a sand shark

  • I spilled my smoothie

  • Logan just got pissed and went quiet 🤦🏻😂

  • JJ

  • Ksi is better

  • Ayo who is gonna watch a 1 hour video

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  • Interesting

  • I love when it pans back to Simons interviews and he's just severely hating his life surrounded by fish haha, balances it well with everyone else being gassed

  • 37:09 what I do when I like someone.🤣🤣🤣

  • Simon wanting to go home the whole time is such a mood 😂

  • I just can’t believe i just watched an hr of fishing😂😭

  • God bless everyone.

  • Logan’s team interviews gave me The Office mockumentary vibes 😂

  • Brooo I'm dying 7:37 The funniest thing in this whole world anyone has said.

  • 7:35 😂😂

  • Thank god there homies now