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SIDEMEN take on the CRYSTAL MAZE! Each Crystal is worth 5 seconds at the end of the game!
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)


  • I feel like they stole arcade games from a carnival that are unwinnable

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  • tobi is like 26 and almost started crying cmon man...

    • was it the one where he couldnt grip the body parts?

  • Didn’t even realize josh wasn’t in this

  • They beat the average, but that average is based upon people who probably came in group of 4, the sidemen have more members.

  • Don't disrespect the maze. 😂😂

  • "Do I shoot Saturn now?" KSI 😂😂😂

  • *Host:* Minus, Divide, Multiplication *Ethan:* Chicken

  • The nostalgia

  • Vik: does the floss Me: throws his iPad across the room

    • i had to question myself when he did that

  • JJ is annoying. I said it. And I meant it.

  • The way JJ was blacked out on VIKk’s math challenge 😂😂

  • Is it just me that found the host very annoying ?

  • “Who’s son is it” 😂😂😂😂

  • just now i realize there were 14 courses, wouldve been perfect if josh was here so everyone did 2

  • Jj should punch the host🙄

  • Toby pissed me off during his challenge god damn 😂😂

  • Throwbi

  • We really missed Josh tbh

  • Now that I think of it without Josh it really doesn't give off the sidemen vibes and for me I think it's just middle-aged men playing challenges

  • when do the games get legit these games are trash

  • 21:07 had me dying haha

  • "We" but not me!

  • This maze was clearly not made for adults lol

  • I feel like they were changing up the rules for ksi due to the publicity

  • I love at 2:40 when ethan falls back and JJ actually tries to pull him back, and simon bolts 😂

  • Viks the kind of guy who would fall down a slide

  • 26:48 what a legendary stuff

  • The dude that slid down the slide at the beginning is so cool 😎 👌 🔥

  • Me: "I am not sure if I want to watch this." Josh: "I am not in this video due to illness." Me:"Hell yeah I am watching this!!!"

    • @Diego Munoz He thinks he is funny when he isn't, he acts like a smart arse, he just isn't really entertaining in general. Basically everyone thinks it, even his own friends and fellow sidemen as they have exclaimed it in other videos many times.

    • What’s wrong with Josh

  • 33:00 uhh JJ KSIMON is Real ?!?

  • Uploaded on my birthday CAHMON

  • I'm here from sidemen shorts 😂

  • The host is boring and annoying and too serious. I’m unimpressed by the layout of it all. The only thing That seems enjoyable seems like the physical challenges. Kinda lame how he wasn’t clear on the instructions or rules but then didn’t let them think outside the box

  • jj has me rolling🤣💀

  • I think they should do a part two but three of the sidemen VS the fans

  • the host honestly talked more then the sidemen combined


  • 12:38 i was brushing my teeth and this made me spit tooth paste on my mirror i didn't expect that lmfaoo

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  • "Plus! Minus! Multiplication!" Ethan: "Chicken" 🐔

  • 35:10 LMAO HARRY

  • ksi so annoying and dense

  • 47:21 Slidemen

  • Imagine a hide and seek in this place! That would be amazing!

  • Tobi was working so hard but jj couldn't appreciate him enough. I dont know if he is acting or he is really like that

  • Bruh the games are retarded

  • Host is suck.....

  • aight, who tf paid the host to say 76............

  • Missed Josh but this was cute

  • 33:00 ayyo jj sus

  • ok i will subscribe to sidemen short.

  • Josh?

  • Harrys in the thumbnail twice haha

  • Bruh I was just watching then I heard “5 4 🌳 2 1”

  • 2:35

  • Ethan being rude as usual

  • Oh my gosh that host is hilarious! His slide in intro and quick Witt is so funny 🤣

  • Some of those games were dead lol but that host really sold it.. Fun video guys 😁☺️

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  • 17:47 how nice this Harry happy for Ethan even though from the other team😍♥️👍🏻

  • I rate the host 😂😂😂

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  • That dude pissed me off the whole time ngl.

  • Loved The Crystal Maze tv series and loved your vlog! I recently visited the attraction and did a spoiler-free review! Feel free to check if out 🙂

  • Bro I feel a bit bad for Tobi😢

  • Viks intro 😅

  • Simon’s cringe face when he saw vik flossing was gold.

  • 34:34 Listen to JJ

  • 29:27 this where I left

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  • “The mighty jizz” lmao Harry

  • Unfortunate this video didn’t bang. I quite liked it

  • 26:45

  • 6:59 cue sad music

  • JJ is the worst friend

  • JJ from 9:59 questioning the entire game is sooo hilarious!

  • As an American, I'm just wondering how they hell does everyone know morse code ?

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  • this beats gcse revision

  • C’est un Fort Boyard du wish ahah

  • I don't like vik he was too mean to tobi 🥺🥺

  • I just rewatched it and Tobi actually passed the second challenge on the edge but right on time so he should’ve got the crystal.

  • 2 mins only wtf

  • I love how they all point to harry at the beginning for team captain 1:40

  • The host continues to talk even tho all the sidemen ignore him

  • Harry’s dance 2:36


  • Please do golden balls game again!

  • 2:35

  • 30:49

  • I bet nobody in the comments is older than 12

  • i do NOT like this guy

  • Why did ethan flip off the dude 😂 wtf

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  • Is it just me or does the jamaican guy looks a bit like dwade

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  • 2:57 course he'd do that 🤣🤣🤣

  • Knives and Dat!!! 😂