Publicerades den 17 jan 2021
Sidemen Calorie Battle 2 - the teams are switched!
The last Calorie Battle:

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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔵 JJ (KSI)



  • Why does Vic grab a spoon like that outrages

  • 0:28 Why does Ethan sound like Waluigi 😂

  • tobi literally lives in my building and i did not knoww

  • Well the cameramen had a good workout 🏋️‍♀️

  • 19:38 when u see that bunda

  • I don't get how the burning teams sleep calories count bit JJ calories didn't count

  • Tobi is so sweet, 43:45, “god forbid”

  • What did Josh mean when he said, “atleast I am not gonna die soon” to callux

  • is it just me or was joshs nose shiny lol

  • Pls let me be in a video. I think I would do pretty well in the soccer shooting videos. Or pls put my comment in pls

  • seeing Harry put skin side first hurts.

  • 2021 only good vibes - KSI

  • 32:40 when tobi screams please had me in tears hahaahhhahahahhahahahaha

  • I swear covid was the most terrible virus lol 😂 People making videos with a cold

  • 7:40 that look

  • If I was in Josh's place I would play scary games ot watch a scary movie to boost the adrenaline

  • Thanks sidemen, u made me extremely hungry

  • Fun fact: if Harry and Callux both put just 2 tablespoons of oil in that shake, it would have been at least 2000 calories per pint. 🤣🤣insanity

  • Liquid calories would’ve been the easiest and would’ve allowed to kill this challenge

  • 3:15 CAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • People calling Josh fat haven't seen him work out

  • No one in the sidemen talks to tobi lol

  • The tangy month karyologically tug because ton basally crack outside a well-made paperback. languid, adventurous sense

  • Sorry harry

  • We're all talking about JJ, Vik, Josh, and Harry, but can we just appreciate how much of a work ethic Ethan has? What a beast, mad respect.

  • Josh I had the same problem last august. I could barely taste anything. I was a covid patient too

  • Dude that guy has no commonsense in cooking. I was face palming the whole time and trying to skip him.

  • I burned 9k calories in 24 hours by napping then eating a shitload then napping

  • Who else caught jj saying kkk lol

  • i never thought ksi was this cringe

  • They all burned 100,000 with them hand gestures

  • 5:37 What did he sayyy

  • 25:03 "GLOBGURT"

  • 25:41 who else remembers this iconic sidemen song

  • Ethan is a beast

  • My guy vick look wierd eating that pizza bro

  • Why is ethans tatto on the left in the video picture when it is on the right

  • Vikk u hold that spoon weird uno

  • Panamania

  • with some people, money changes people but the sidemen havent changed because of the money. its like they wanted to be treated as a normal person not a rich person with loads of money. i respect that

  • Loved the street panna cameo

  • Zerk

  • I love these little sidemen movies, they make me very warm and cozy

  • Man I Have trouble hitting my 3500 calories to gain weight 🤣🤣

  • I loved ksis positivety at the begging.

  • I love tobi’s name bc I love the character in naruto and it’s just a cool name

  • Is it bad that I sometimes do not toast my bread bc I put a BUNCH of butter?

  • how can the burning team take there sleep with, when it starts at 12 pm? and jj deletes his 400 because he started before 12 pm

  • ok but why does Simon look like how I look when I play football with my brother

  • Hop josh gets better

  • I cannot get over how Vik holds a spoon lmao

  • 30:35 bro is harry okay lol

  • I like how jj and Harry were the most entertaining people on each side and each team

  • They should do this again but the opposing effects add or lose calories so the burners eat and the calories gain onto the burned and the same with the others but no takeaways

  • please teach vik how to eat

  • 42:00 “shut up covid boy” 😂😂😂

  • I'm sorry yeah but whenever vik talks with just himself in the room or to the camera I find him so boring

  • #blendedsolid

  • Its already 6 months ago?

  • that is the champ at panar

  • I can’t suppress how freaking proud I am of Ethan, he looks amazing. He’s really worked hard, I wish I had such determination… I need him as a trainer

  • I loved JJs good vibes

  • That panna match was agaist the panna champiaon!

  • Vik eating bro thats disgusting

  • "We're drinking this yogurt for what" Vikkstar is a poet

  • JJ is such a mood and i love it.

  • callux eating a bagel lol

  • Harry be like “ a game is a game” Josh has COVID don’t laugh

  • Vik holds a spoon so weird XDD

  • 20:32

  • Ksi thinking he ate 300-400 calories with 2 sausages, and 3 egg omelet, 2 hashbrowns, 2 pancakes and syrup, thats atleast 800 calories

  • They really have no idea how much calories some things are

  • The sidemen are the best group of SElistss no argu

  • Decide on the best group ever on SElists

  • bro hes the WORLD CHAMPION in panna!!!

  • Always toast your bagels

  • Ethan was so great and motivated in this video, I love it.

  • Vik's cereal to milk ratio is disgraceful

  • Tobi what is a men al ba le?

  • KSIs neighbours must hate him. He’s so loud 😂

  • JJ has the best laugh

  • Burning won this, a super thick shake is still a drink

  • Josh is so sweet 😭

  • I just noticed vik holds his spoon so weirdly

  • So why are the people eating not allowed to count anything they eat before 12 but the ones losing calories are able to count what they lost while sleeping?

  • Tobis team deserves to win

  • KSI loved this one. lol

  • This makes me want to eat alot and workout at the same time

  • 14:19 Did anyone else think there was a fire behind Simon? 🤣

  • Jj skipped the video😁😁

  • Why is no one talking about how they randomly met street pana

  • ksi needs to put in more effort

  • 2:07 why vik hold the spoon like that

  • I don’t know one person that toasts bagels including Me Also Ksi is me at 4:36

  • All of them are so fit

  • 18:40 Harry goes for the fist bump, but Lux goes for the five

  • Have Josh got corona virus?

  • What does it mean by 100k? If they only ate 15k??

  • It's not even near 100,000 why Tf is the sidemen clickbaiting